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We have already described the operation of the Solar Circuit, but unfortunately it cannot be used The oscillator transistor must be a high-current type as is is turned on for a very short period of time to saturate the core of the transformer.

This energy is then released as a high-voltage pulse. These pulses are then passed to the electrolytic and appear as a 5v supply with a capability of about 10mA. If the current is increased to 15mA, the voltage drops to about 4v. The transistor turns on via the 1k resistor and this produces expanding flux in the core. The transistor gets fully turned ON and the current through the primary becomes a maximum. The core becomes saturated and although the flux is a maximum, it is not expanding flux and thus the secondary produces no voltage only the Non prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy and current supplied by the battery.

The voltage and current into the base of the transistor is reduced and this reduces the current through the primary. The flux now begins to collapse and this produces a voltage in the secondary of an opposite polarity.

Non Prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy

This turns the Pilule De Finasteride Prix a high current. The solar panel will deliver about 10 – 15mA on bright sunlight, so any load on the output must be as small as possible. An example is data logging, Non Prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy, where the micro is active for Non prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy periods of time, then goes into “sleep” mode.

cheap Mobic logging circuit or transmitter connected to the supply will only work at night.

To go over the purpose of the automatic section again: The automatic components turn off the 5v section so the battery can charge and store enough energy to operate a transmitter during the night hours, when it will be needed. If a very small current is required by a load such as a microcontroller, the following components can be used to bias the oscillator – as outlined by contributor James Moxham: The core of a 10mH choke is used and re-wound with two windings. Remove the fine winding and keep for another project. The core is now bare and ready. The first winding is 35 turns and the ends are connected to the pins at the end of the core.

The other winding is 20 turns and has flying leads connected to two holes on the PC board. The 20 turn winding must be connected around a special way to provide a positive voltage to the base of the oscillator transistor. The operation of the circuit will depend on the direction of one winding relative to the other. Rather than remember which way each winding has been wound, we simply connect the 20-turn winding to the board, via the flying leads, and if the circuit does not oscillate, we Non prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy them over. The diameter of the wire used for the transformer has been worked out so that it completely fills the bobbin. This gives the maximum milliwatt output. That’s why the old fine wire cannot be used. Mount the components on the small PC board that comes with the kit or on a piece of matrix board.

Two switches have been used in the circuit to allow you to charge the battery while keeping the project off.

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If this does not solve the problem measure the current taken by the circuit. If it is HIGH, you have a failed jammed oscillator section or the output of the circuit may be shorted. If the consumption is LOW, the oscillator transistor may not be fitted correctly or the diode feeding the electrolytic may be around the wrong way. Make sure the enamel is scraped off the ends of windings before soldering. If the output voltage is above 5v, the regulator transistor is not Non prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy. Make sure the resistors are the correct value.

Measure the voltage at the join of the resistors with a high impedance meter so no load is added to the Non prescription Sildenafil Citrate Online Pharmacy as this will upset the measurement. If you have added the automatic section, make sure the solar panel is not receiving any sunlight as this will turn the circuit off. In future articles we will present a microcontroller project and an FM transmitter that uses this solar power supply. Keep returning as the links will be added to the top of this page.